Steering Committee Members

Mr. Mehmet Zenka, Minister for Human and Minority Rights

Mr. Kemal Purišić, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare

Ms. Dragica Sekulić, Minister of Economy

Ms. Nada Drobnjak, Head of the Parliamentarian Committee for Gender Equality

Ms. Biljana Pejović, Head of Department for Gender Equality

Ms. Tatjana Anđelić, Head of Department for European Integration, Programming and Implementing of EU Fund

Mr Hermann Spitz, Head of Cooperation Section, Delegation of European Union to Montenegro

Ms. Arta Ljuljanović, Head of Division from Monitoring at the Ministry of European Affairs - NIPAC Office

Ms. Mladenka Tešić, Task Manager, Delegation of European Union to Montenegro

Ms Fiona McCluney, Resident Representative UNDP Montenegro

Ms. Kaća Đuričković, Gender Programme Manager, UNDP Montenegro

Mr. Boris Ristović, Programme Manager CoE